New Openings

At Five Guys, we’re ambitious, love a challenge and adventure. That’s why we open brand new restaurants all the time. And every single one of them are just as important as the first one we opened in Covent Garden way back in 2013.

And while we’ve certainly become pros at opening restaurants, we’ve not lost sight of the fact that people who join our new restaurants aren’t. Well, not yet anyway.

So, if you’re wondering what to expect if you join us in a new location, here’s the lowdown…
Starting a career at a brand new Five Guys restaurant can be incredibly tough. You’ll be learning a ton of new things from scratch, and working with loads of new people from all kinds of backgrounds – who you’ll eventually come to think of as your family.
But we’ll be with you every step of the way. We’ll support, coach and encourage you. And most importantly, we’ll be right behind you on the days when you stop and think “whoa, I can’t do this”.

Why? It’s simple – the reason we chose you is because we know you’re made of the right stuff.
At the end of that first ever shift in that brand-new restaurant, you’ll know you’ve achieved something great. You’ll have brought Five Guys to a new location, and your customers will think you’re an absolute legend for serving up the perfect burgers and fries.
What’s more, a career in a new restaurant means progression happens faster than it normally does, and from day one we’ll be looking for our managers of the future. And if you’ve got the right stuff, you can pretty much expect that we’ll be looking at you.